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    * src/ltlenv/environment.hh (require): Return a formula, not · 2a0f8837
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    an atomic_prop.
    * src/ltlast/atomic_prop.hh (atomic_prop): New argument env.
    (environment_): New member.
    (env): New method.
    * src/ltlast/atomic_prop.cc (atomic_prop, env): Likewise.
    * src/ltlenv/defaultenv.cc (require): Pass *this as the
    environment argument to atomic_prop.
    * src/ltlvisit/clone.cc (visit(const atomic_prop*)): Also copy
    the environment.
    * src/ltlvisit/nenoform.cc (visit(const atomic_prop*)): Likewise.
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