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    gtec: replace nsheap by a simple unordered_map · 393637f1
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    nsheap was an horror full of virtual functions required to
    customize gtec to implement inclusion-based emptiness-check
    in GreatSPN support.  Since this support has been removed, we
    can remove the nsheap cruft as well.  Note that nsheap was
    also used in emptinessta for no good reason (the code from
    emptinessta was simply copied from gtec without cleanup).
    * src/tgbaalgos/gtec/nsheap.cc, src/tgbaalgos/gtec/nsheap.hh:
    * src/tgbaalgos/gtec/Makefile.am: Adjust.
    * src/taalgos/emptinessta.cc, src/taalgos/emptinessta.hh,
    src/taalgos/tgba2ta.cc, src/tgbaalgos/gtec/ce.cc,
    src/tgbaalgos/gtec/gtec.cc, src/tgbaalgos/gtec/gtec.hh,
    src/tgbaalgos/gtec/status.cc, src/tgbaalgos/gtec/status.hh:
    Use a simple unordered_map.
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