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    * src/Alloc.h: Rename as ... · 7c1ac7bb
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    * src/ObstackAlloc.h: ... this.  The problem is that alloc.h is a
    system header in g++ < 3.0, and Darwin has a case-insensitive
    filesystem.  System headers that include alloc.h pick the local
    Alloc.h version.
    * BuchiAutomaton.h, Configuration.h, DispUtil.cc,
    ExternalTranslator.h, FormulaRandomizer.h, Graph.h.in,
    LtlFormula.h, Makefile.am, NeverClaimAutomaton.h, PathEvaluator.h,
    ProductAutomaton.h, SccIterator.h, SharedTestData.h,
    StatDisplay.h, StateSpace.h, StateSpaceRandomizer.cc,
    StringUtil.h, TestOperations.h, TestRoundInfo.h, TestStatistics.h,
    UserCommandReader.h, UserCommands.h, main.cc: Adjust includes.
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