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    Extend the ELTL parser to support more complex aliases of · b06c9cd5
    Damien Lefortier authored
    automaton operators such as Strong=G(F($0))->G(F($1)) and
    G=R(false, $0).
    * src/eltlparse/eltlparse.yy, src/eltlparse/eltlscan.ll: Add
    support for more complex aliases.
    * src/eltltest/acc.cc, src/eltltest/acc.test: Adjust.
    * src/ltlast/nfa.cc, src/ltlast/nfa.hh (arity): Now returns an
    unsigned value.
    * src/tgbatest/eltl2tgba.test: Adjust.
    * src/tgbalagos/eltl2tgba_lacim.cc: Fix sanity.
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