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    parse_aut: simplify the interface · dee73ee3
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    * src/parseaut/public.hh, src/parseaut/parseaut.yy,
    src/parseaut/fmterror.cc: Add a raise_errors options.  Remove the
    parse_strict() method.  Store parse errors and filename in the output
    parsed_aut to simplify usage.
    * doc/org/tut20.org, doc/org/tut21.org, doc/org/tut30.org,
    src/bin/autfilt.cc, src/bin/common_hoaread.cc, src/bin/dstar2tgba.cc,
    src/bin/ltlcross.cc, src/bin/ltldo.cc, src/tests/complementation.cc,
    src/tests/ikwiad.cc, src/tests/ltlcross3.test, src/tests/ltldo.test,
    wrap/python/spot.py, wrap/python/tests/parsetgba.py: Adjust usage.
    * NEWS: Mention the changes.
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