Commit 01ee4929 authored by Thomas Medioni's avatar Thomas Medioni Committed by Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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bench: fix stutter bench compiler errors.

* NEWS: mention this fix.
* bench/stutter/, bench/stutter/ Path to spot
  binaries would include an inexistant src directory.
* bench/stutter/ Add override qualifier
  to satisfy -Wsuggest-override.
parent 1ed6e518
...@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@ New in spot (not yet released) ...@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@ New in spot (not yet released)
- spot::twa_graph::purge_unreachable_states() was misbehaving on - spot::twa_graph::purge_unreachable_states() was misbehaving on
alternating automata. alternating automata.
- In bench/stutter/ the .cc files were not compiling due to warnings being
caught as errors.
New in spot 2.3.2 (2017-03-15) New in spot 2.3.2 (2017-03-15)
Tools: Tools:
#!/bin/sh #!/bin/sh
RANDLTL=../../src/bin/randltl RANDLTL=../../bin/randltl
LTLFILT=../../src/bin/ltlfilt LTLFILT=../../bin/ltlfilt
echo 'ltl-user-bench.csv:; ./' > echo 'ltl-user-bench.csv:; ./' >
...@@ -54,14 +54,14 @@ namespace ...@@ -54,14 +54,14 @@ namespace
int int
process_string(const std::string& input, process_string(const std::string& input,
const char* filename, int linenum) const char* filename, int linenum) override
{ {
formula = input; formula = input;
return job_processor::process_string(input, filename, linenum); return job_processor::process_string(input, filename, linenum);
} }
int int
process_formula(spot::formula f, const char*, int) process_formula(spot::formula f, const char*, int) override
{ {
spot::twa_graph_ptr a =; spot::twa_graph_ptr a =;
spot::twa_graph_ptr na =; spot::twa_graph_ptr na =;
#!/bin/sh #!/bin/sh
RANDLTL=../../src/bin/randltl RANDLTL=../../bin/randltl
LTLFILT=../../src/bin/ltlfilt LTLFILT=../../bin/ltlfilt
LTLDO=../../src/bin/ltldo LTLDO=../../bin/ltldo
set -e -x set -e -x
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