Commit 0ab745be authored by Etienne Renault's avatar Etienne Renault
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Ignore difference in graphviz versions.

* wrap/python/tests/ here.
parent dc7ca7d8
......@@ -67,6 +67,9 @@ def sanitize(s):
# normalize UUIDs:
s = re.sub(r'[a-f0-9]{8}(\-[a-f0-9]{4}){3}\-[a-f0-9]{12}', 'U-U-I-D', s)
# normalize graphviz version
s = re.sub(r'Generated by graphviz version.*', 'VERSION', s)
# SVG generated by graphviz may put note at different positions
# depending on the graphviz build. Let's just strip anything that
# look like a position.
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