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* NEWS: Document recent changes.

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New in spot 1.0.2a (not released):
Nothing yet.
* New features in the library
- Postprocessor now takes an optional option_map argument that can
be used to specify fine-tuning options, making it easier to
benchmark different scenarios while developing new
- The degeneralization algorithm has learned three new tricks:
level reset, level caching, and SCC-based ordering. The former
two are enabled by default. Benchmarking has shown that the
latter one does not always have a positive effect, so it is
disabled by default.
- The scc_filter() function, which removes dead SCCs and also
simplify acceptance conditions, has learnt how to simplify
acceptance conditions in a few tricky situations that were not
simplified previously.
- An experimental "don't care" (direct) simulation has been
implemented. This simulations consider the acceptance
of out-of-SCC transitions as "don't care". It is not
enabled by default because it currently is very slow.
* Command-line tools
- ltl2tgba and ltl2tgta now honor a new --extra-options (or -x)
flag to fine-tune the algorithm used. The available options
are documented in the spot-x (7) manpage.
New in spot 1.0.2 (2013-03-06):
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