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* doc/org/ Fix two broken displays of results.

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......@@ -421,6 +421,7 @@ format.
ltl2tgba '(Ga -> Gb) W c' -d
digraph "(Gb | F!a) W c" {
......@@ -455,19 +456,18 @@ This output should be processed with =dot= to be converted into a
picture. For instance use =dot -Tpng= or =dot -Tpdf=. The pictures
on this page are produced with =dot -Tsvg=.
#+NAME: oaut-dot1
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :exports code :prologue export SPOT_DOTEXTRA= SPOT_DOTDEFAULT=
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results file :file oaut-dot1.svg :prologue export SPOT_DOTEXTRA= SPOT_DOTDEFAULT=
ltl2tgba '(Ga -> Gb) W c' -d | dot -Tsvg
#+BEGIN_SRC dot :file oaut-dot1.svg :var txt=oaut-dot1 :exports results
However in this documentation simply omit the calls to =dot -Tsvg=.
In the documentation we display automata using SVG, but the actual
steps used to obtain those SVG files are usually not relevant to the
topics being discussed. So for simplicity we will usually omit the
calls to =dot -Tsvg=, and will often also omit the use of the =-d=
** Customizing the dot output
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