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* NEWS: Typo.

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......@@ -74,13 +74,13 @@ New in spot 1.99.6 (2015-12-04)
second automaton by the number of acceptance sets N of the first
* The sat minimization for DTWA now does a better job at selecting
* The sat minimization for DTωA now does a better job at selecting
reference automata when the output acceptance is the the same as
the input acceptance. This can provide nice speedups when tring
to syntethise larged automata with different acceptance
* Explicit Kripke structure (i.e., stored as explciti graphs) have
* Explicit Kripke structures (i.e., stored as explicit graphs) have
been rewritten above the graph class, using an interface similar
to the twa class. The new class is called kripke_graph. The ad
hoc Kripke parser and printer have been removed, because we can
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