Commit 21786845 authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz

sccinfo: rename scc_info(x,opt) into scc_info_with_options(x,opt)

* spot/twaalgos/sccinfo.hh, python/spot/impl.i: Here.  This avoid
ambiguities where options (integer in Python) are interpreted as
initial states.
* tests/python/ Adjust.
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......@@ -653,6 +653,9 @@ def state_is_accepting(self, src) -> "bool":
%noexception spot::scc_info::edges_of;
%noexception spot::scc_info::inner_edges_of;
%rename(scc_info_with_options) spot::scc_info::scc_info(const_twa_graph_ptr aut, scc_info_options options);
%rename(scc_info_with_options) spot::scc_info::scc_info(scc_and_mark_filter& filt, scc_info_options options);
%include <spot/twaalgos/sccinfo.hh>
%template(scc_info_scc_edges) spot::internal::scc_edges<spot::digraph<spot::twa_graph_state, spot::twa_graph_edge_data> const, spot::internal::keep_all>;
%template(scc_info_inner_scc_edges) spot::internal::scc_edges<spot::digraph<spot::twa_graph_state, spot::twa_graph_edge_data> const, spot::internal::keep_inner_scc>;
......@@ -457,8 +457,15 @@ namespace spot
/// This is usually used to prevent some edges from being
/// considered as part of cycles, and can additionally restrict
/// to exploration to some SCC discovered by another SCC.
scc_info(scc_and_mark_filter& filt,
scc_info_options options = scc_info_options::ALL);
scc_info(scc_and_mark_filter& filt, scc_info_options options);
// we separate the two functions so that we can rename
// scc_info(x,options) into scc_info_with_options(x,options) in Python.
// Otherwrise calling scc_info(aut,options) can be confused with
// scc_info(aut,initial_state).
scc_info(scc_and_mark_filter& filt)
: scc_info(filt, scc_info_options::ALL)
/// @}
const_twa_graph_ptr get_aut() const
......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ def generic_emptiness2(aut):
# A more modern python version of spot.generic_emptiness_check()
def is_empty1(g):
si = spot.scc_info(g, spot.scc_info_options_NONE)
si = spot.scc_info_with_options(g, spot.scc_info_options_NONE)
for scc_num in range(si.scc_count()):
if si.is_trivial(scc_num):
......@@ -207,7 +207,7 @@ def is_scc_empty1(si, scc_num, acc=None):
return True
def is_empty2(g):
si = spot.scc_info(g, spot.scc_info_options_STOP_ON_ACC)
si = spot.scc_info_with_options(g, spot.scc_info_options_STOP_ON_ACC)
if si.one_accepting_scc() >= 0:
return False
for scc_num in range(si.scc_count()):
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