Commit 278b41f4 authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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ltldo: rename %R as %#

Fixes #189.

* bin/ Here.
* tests/core/ltldo.test: Adjust and add test-case for %R.
* NEWS: Mention the change.
parent 600b1f7e
......@@ -6,11 +6,18 @@ New in spot (not yet released)
LTL over finite words) model checking to LTL model checking. This
is based on a transformation by De Giacomo & Vardi (IJCAI'13).
* "ltldo --stats=%R", which used to display the serial number of the
formula processed, was renamed to "ltldo --stats=%#" to free %R
for the following feature.
* autfilt, dstar2tgba, ltl2tgba, ltlcross, ltldo learned to time any
task in a more precise way thanks to %R, %[LETTER]R option. User time,
system time or children processing time or ... (see --help) can be
measured separately. A typical use-case is to exclude time spent
inside ltldo by keeping only time spent in each executed tool.
task in a more precise way thanks to %R, %[LETTER]R option. User
or system time, for children or parent, can be measured
separately. A typical use-case is "ltldo --stats='... %[c]R ...'
..." to measure the time spent in the tool ran by ltldo, excluding
that of ltldo. In all tools, the difference between %r
(wall-clock time) and %R (process time) can also be used to detect
unreliable measurements.
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ static const argp_option options[] =
static const argp_option more_o_format[] =
{ "%R", 0, nullptr, OPTION_DOC | OPTION_NO_USAGE,
{ "%#", 0, nullptr, OPTION_DOC | OPTION_NO_USAGE,
"serial number of the formula translated", 0 },
{ "%T", 0, nullptr, OPTION_DOC | OPTION_NO_USAGE,
"tool used for translation", 0 },
......@@ -262,7 +262,7 @@ namespace
: runner(dict), post(post)
printer.add_stat('T', &cmdname);
printer.add_stat('R', &roundval);
printer.add_stat('#', &roundval);
printer.add_stat('f', &inputf);
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ test "`echo 1,a,3,4 | ltldo -F-/2 ltl2tgba --stats='%<,%s,%>'`" = '1,2,3,4'
$genltl --and-gf=1..3 |
run 0 $ltldo "{tgba}$ltl2tgba %f -H >%H" "{ba}$ltl2tgba >%N %f -s" \
--stats="%T,%R,%f,%s,%t,%e" >output
--stats="%T,%#,%f,%s,%t,%e" >output
cat output
cat >expected <<EOF
......@@ -146,3 +146,9 @@ grep ':.*empty input' stderr
$ltldo '{name} foo/bar/ltl2baextended' -f GFa 2>stderr && exit 1
grep 'error:.*foo/bar/ltl2baextended -f .*>.*' stderr
genltl --rv-counter=9 | ltldo ltl2tgba --stats='
print("%[up]R + %[uc]R + %[sp]R + %[sc]R - %R\n");
die if abs(%[up]R + %[uc]R + %[sp]R + %[sc]R - %R) > 0.02;' >
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