Commit 32086f7c authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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tests: update ipnbdoctest to graphviz 2.40 and Python 3.6

This fix recent failures observed on arch linux because
it uses newer versions of graphviz and Python.

* tests/python/ (sanitize): More substitutions.
parent c090c420
......@@ -94,6 +94,20 @@ def sanitize(s):
s = re.sub(r'transform="[^"]*"', 'transform=""', s)
s = re.sub(r'id="edge[^"]*"', 'id="edge"', s)
s = re.sub(r'text-anchor="[^"]*"', 'text-anchor=""', s)
# The following patterns from graphviz 2.40 are rewritten as they used to
# be in 2.38.
s = re.sub(r'"#000000"', '"black"', s)
s = re.sub(r'"#ffffff"', '"white"', s)
s = re.sub(r'"#00ff00"', '"green"', s)
s = re.sub(r'"#ff0000"', '"red"', s)
s = re.sub(r'"#c0c0c0"', '"grey"', s)
s = re.sub(r'"#ffa500"', '"orange"', s)
s = re.sub(r' fill="black"', '', s)
s = re.sub(r' stroke="transparent"', ' stroke="none"', s)
s = re.sub(r'><title>', '>\n<title>', s)
# CalledProcessError message has a final dot in Python 3.6
s = re.sub(r"(' returned non-zero exit status \d+)\.", r'\1', s)
return s
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