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* NEWS: Describe experimental alternation support.

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......@@ -14,6 +14,28 @@ New in spot (Not yet released)
* The new version of the Couvreur emptiness check is now the default
one, used by is_empty() and accepting_run().
* experimental support for alternating automata:
- twa_graph objects can now represent alternating automata. Use
twa_graph::new_univ_edge() and twa_graph::set_univ_init_state()
to create universal edges an initial states; and use
twa_graph::univ_dests() to iterate over the universal
destinations of an edge.
- the automaton parser will now read alternating automata in the
HOA format. The HOA and dot printers can output them.
- the file twaalgos/alternation.hh contains a few algorithms
specific to alternating automata:
+ remove_alternation() will transform *weak* alternating automata
into TGBA.
+ the class outedge_combiner can be used to perform "and" and "or"
on the outgoing edges of some alternating automaton.
- scc_info has been edjusted to handle universal edges as if they
were existential edges. As a consequence, acceptance
information is not accurate.
* twa objects have a new property, very-weak, that can be set or
retrieved via twa::prop_very_weak(), and that can be tested by
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