Commit 3c38780d authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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python: some bindings for translating formulas and diplaying automata

* wrap/python/ Introduce spot.translate (and
spot.formula.translate) as well, as a wrapper around the
spot.translator class.  Also implement
to allow passing argument to dotty_reachable() before
the result is converted to SVG.
* wrap/python/tests/automata.ipynb: New test file.
* wrap/python/tests/ Add it.
parent d05404a6
......@@ -31,9 +31,9 @@ def _ostream_to_svg(ostr):
res = dotty.communicate()
return res[0].decode('utf-8')
def _render_automaton_as_svg(a):
def _render_automaton_as_svg(a, opt=""):
ostr = ostringstream()
dotty_reachable(ostr, a)
dotty_reachable(ostr, a, opt)
return _ostream_to_svg(ostr)
tgba._repr_svg_ = _render_automaton_as_svg
......@@ -47,6 +47,14 @@ def _render_formula_as_svg(a):
dotty(ostr, a)
return SVG(_ostream_to_svg(ostr))
def _render_tgba_as_svg(a, opt=""):
# Load the SVG function only if we need it. This way the bindings
# can still be used outside of IPython if IPython is not
# installed.
from IPython.display import SVG
return SVG(_render_automaton_as_svg(a, opt)) = _render_tgba_as_svg
def _formula_str_ctor(self, str):
self.this = parse_formula(str)
......@@ -72,10 +80,69 @@ formula.__init__ = _formula_str_ctor
formula.to_str = _formula_to_str
formula.show_ast = _render_formula_as_svg
def _tgba_str_ctor(self, str):
self.this = ltl_to_tgba_fm(parse_formula(str), _bdd_dict)
def translate(formula, output='tgba', pref='small', level='high',
"""Translate a formula into an automaton.
Keep in mind that pref expresses just a preference that may not be
Keyword arguments:
output -- the type of automaton to build ('tgba', 'ba', 'monitor')
pref -- prefered characteristic of the produced automaton
('small', 'deterministic', 'any')
level -- level of optimizations ('low', 'medium', 'high')
complete -- whether to produce a complete automaton (True, False)
if type(formula) == str:
formula = parse_formula(formula)
a = translator()
if type(output) == str:
output_ = output.lower()
if output_ == 'tgba':
output = postprocessor.TGBA
elif output_ == 'ba':
output = postprocessor.BA
elif output_.startswith('mon'):
output = postprocessor.Monitor
raise ValueError("unknown output type: " + output)
if complete:
complete = postprocessor.Complete
complete = 0
if type(pref) == str:
pref_ = pref.lower()
if pref_.startswith('sm'):
pref = postprocessor.Small
elif pref_.startswith('det'):
pref = postprocessor.Deterministic
elif pref_ == 'any':
pref = postprocessor.Any
raise ValueError("unknown output preference: " + pref)
a.set_pref(pref | complete)
if type(level) == str:
level_ = level.lower()
if level_ == 'high':
level = postprocessor.High
elif level_.starswith('med'):
level = postprocessor.Medium
elif level_ == 'low':
level = postprocessor.Low
raise ValueError("unknown optimization level: " + level)
tgba.__init__ = _tgba_str_ctor
formula.translate = translate
# Wrapper around a formula iterator to which we add some methods of formula
# (using _addfilter and _addmap), so that we can write things like
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ check_SCRIPTS = run
TESTS = \ \
automata.ipynb \ \
formulas.ipynb \ \
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