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Add an UTF-8 option to the web interface.

* wrap/python/ajax/ltl2tgba.html: Add the checkbox.
* wrap/python/ajax/css/ltl2tgba.css: Add the necessary class.
* wrap/python/ajax/protocol.txt: Add the new option.
* wrap/python/ajax/ Handle it.
* wrap/python/ajax/README: Add a few lines to explain
how to run the CGI script from the command line for debugging.
parent e93ceeba
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ to http://localhost:8000/ltl2tgba.html and you should be OK.
After you have killed the server process (e.g. with Control-C),
you may want to erase the spotimg/ directory.
Installing on a real web server
......@@ -50,7 +51,7 @@ Installing on a real web server
3) In the directory where you have installed,
create a subdirectory called spotimg/. This is where
the script will output its images and other temporary
the script will cache its images and other temporary
files. (If you want to change this name, see the imgdir
variable at the top of the script.)
......@@ -58,9 +59,21 @@ Installing on a real web server
will run the script when the HTTP server processes the
request. purges old files (>15min) from this directory
each time it runs. purges old files at most once every hour.
4) Copy the directories css/, js/, and logos/ along with ltl2tgba.html
to there destination. You may have to adjust a few paths at the
top of the html page.
The hash string displayed in the web browser is the query string sent
to the CGI script, so you can simulate the call from the command line
with a command like this:
% export QUERY_STRING="f=a+U+b&r=br&r=lf&r=si&r=eu&o=a&ff=o&mf=d&af=t&ra=t&rf=p&t=fm&fm=od&fm=sm&la=sp&ta=lc&as=ps&ec=Cou99&eo="
% export
% ./
......@@ -84,6 +84,10 @@ table.ltltable
text-transform: capitalize;
.floatright {
float: right;
.ltl2tgba .head .ui-icon {
float: right;
margin: 1px 0px;
......@@ -382,7 +382,11 @@ an identifier: <span class="formula">aUb</span> is an atomic proposition, unlike
<label class="rtip" title="Try to reduce the formula by testing inclusion between automata built for various subformulas. This can be rather slow on large formulas.">
<INPUT type="checkbox" name="r" value="lc">
language containment
<label class="rtip floatright" title="Encode all formula using UTF-8 characters.">
<INPUT type="checkbox" name="g" value="8">
UTF-8 output
<div id="output-tabs" class="tabs collapsible shadow">
......@@ -74,3 +74,7 @@ Automaton simplifications (pick many)
as=ps Prune SCC
as=wd WDBA minimiztion
as=ds Direct Simulation reduction
Global options
g=8 Enable UTF-8 output.
......@@ -135,8 +135,10 @@ os.dup2(fd, sys.stdout.fileno())
# allowed to send strings to sys.stdout. Always use the following
# method instead.
def unbufprint(s):
if sys.getdefaultencoding() != 'ascii':
def finish(kill = False):
# Output the result and exit.
......@@ -262,6 +264,8 @@ def render_dot_maybe(dotsrc, dont_run_dot):
# This way we can cache two different requests that generate
# the same automaton (e.g., when changing a simplification
# option that has no influence).
if sys.getdefaultencoding() != 'ascii':
dotsrc = dotsrc.encode('utf-8')
autprefix = (imgdir + '/' + hashlib.sha1(dotsrc).hexdigest())
dotname = autprefix + '.txt'
if not os.access(dotname, os.F_OK):
......@@ -279,13 +283,10 @@ However you may download the <a href="''' + cgi.escape(autprefix)
def render_automaton(automaton, dont_run_dot, issba, deco = False):
def render_automaton(automaton, dont_run_dot, issba, deco = None):
dotsrc = spot.ostringstream()
if not deco:
spot.dotty_reachable(dotsrc, automaton, issba)
spot.dotty_reachable(dotsrc, automaton, issba, deco)
render_dot_maybe(dotsrc.str().encode('utf-8'), dont_run_dot)
spot.dotty_reachable(dotsrc, automaton, issba, deco)
render_dot_maybe(dotsrc.str(), dont_run_dot)
def render_formula(f):
dotsrc = spot.ostringstream()
......@@ -318,6 +319,13 @@ def print_stats(automaton):
return "Automaton has too much transitions per state"
return False
def format_formula(f, kind='div'):
if utf8:
s = spot.to_utf8_string(f)
s = str(f)
return '<%s class="formula spot-format">%s</%s>' % (kind, s, kind)
form = cgi.FieldStorage()
output_type = form.getfirst('o', 'v');
......@@ -333,6 +341,13 @@ os.setpgrp()
signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, alarm_handler)
# Global options
utf8 = False
for g in form.getlist('g'):
if g == '8':
utf8 = True
formula = form.getfirst('f', '')
env = spot.default_environment.instance()
......@@ -376,14 +391,18 @@ if output_type == 'f':
formula_format = form.getfirst('ff', 'o')
# o = Spot, i = Spin, g = GraphViz, p = properties
if formula_format == 'o':
unbufprint('<div class="formula spot-format">%s</div>' % f)
elif formula_format == 'i':
unbufprint('<div class="formula spin-format">'
+ spot.to_spin_string(f) + '</div>')
elif formula_format == 'g':
elif formula_format == 'p':
unbufprint('Properties for <span class="formula spot-format">%s</span><ul>\n' % f)
if utf8:
s = spot.to_utf8_string(f)
s = str(f)
unbufprint('Properties for ' + format_formula(f, 'span') + '<ul>\n')
for p in spot.list_formula_props(f):
unbufprint('<li>%s</li>\n' % p)
......@@ -412,9 +431,9 @@ if output_type == 'f':
translator = form.getfirst('t', 'fm')
if f.is_psl_formula() and not f.is_ltl_formula() and translator != 'fm':
print ('''<div class="error">The PSL formula
<span class="formula spot-format">%s</span>
cannot be translated using this algorithm. Please use Couveur/FM.''' % f);
print ('''<div class="error">The PSL formula %s
cannot be translated using this algorithm. Please use Couveur/FM.'''
% format_formula(f, 'span'));
dict = spot.bdd_dict()
......@@ -513,6 +532,9 @@ if degen or neverclaim:
degen = automaton
if utf8:
# Buchi Automaton Output
if output_type == 'a':
if buchi_type == 'i':
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