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* bin/ Change "sd" to "lar" as default algorithm in the doc.
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......@@ -71,12 +71,12 @@ static const argp_option options[] =
{ nullptr, 0, nullptr, 0, "Fine tuning:", 10 },
{ "algo", OPT_ALGO, "sd|ds|ps|lar|lar.old", 0,
"choose the algorithm for synthesis:"
" \"sd\": translate to tgba, split, then determinize (default);"
" \"sd\": translate to tgba, split, then determinize;"
" \"ds\": translate to tgba, determinize, then split;"
" \"ps\": translate to dpa, then split;"
" \"lar\": translate to a deterministic automaton with arbitrary"
" acceptance condition, then use LAR to turn to parity,"
" then split;"
" then split (default);"
" \"lar.old\": old version of LAR, for benchmarking.\n", 0 },
{ "decompose", OPT_DECOMPOSE, "yes|no", 0,
"whether to decompose the specification as multiple output-disjoint "
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