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* doc/tl/ Fix timestamp issue causing distcheck failure.

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## Copyright (C) 2011 Laboratoire de Recherche et Développement de
## Copyright (C) 2011, 2012 Laboratoire de Recherche et Développement de
## l'Epita (LRDE).
## This file is part of Spot, a model checking library.
......@@ -30,9 +30,16 @@ LATEXMK = BIBINPUTS='$(srcdir)' latexmk -pdf -ps- -dvi- -e '$$bibtex_use=2' \
dist_pdf_DATA = $(srcdir)/tl.pdf
EXTRA_DIST = tl.tex tl.bib
# latexmk produces its output in the current directory, and may not
# update its timestamp when no rebuild was necessary. This can cause
# latexmk to be called again and again even when there is nothing to
# do, and this is unacceptable (we don't want to require latexmk for
# people that do not change the documentation). Hence the "touch"
# below. In case of a VPATH build, we always copy the file, so the
# timestamp is updated anyway.
$(srcdir)/tl.pdf: $(srcdir)/tl.tex $(srcdir)/tl.bib
$(LATEXMK) $(srcdir)/tl.tex
test '$(srcdir)' = '.' || cp tl.pdf $@
if test '$(srcdir)' = '.'; then touch $@; else cp tl.pdf $@; fi
$(LATEXMK) -pvc $(srcdir)/tl.tex
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