Commit 5ce59c01 authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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ltl2tgba.html: Provide a link to an SVG output. Suggested by Denis.

Because this means we are running dot twice, I have added a flag that
will allow us to easily turn this off, should it prove too slow.

* wrap/python/ajax/ (output_both): New variable.
(run_dot): New function, extracted from ...
(render_dot): ... here.  Adjust to call run_dot for all needed format.
And ajust the output accordingly.
parent 277ae7dd
......@@ -67,10 +67,14 @@ elif script:
dot = '@DOT@'
dot_bgcolor = '-Gbgcolor=#FFFFFF00'
svg_output = False # FIXME: SVG output seems to be working well with
# Firefox only. We have to figure out how
# to get the correct size and transparent
# background in Chrome.
svg_output = False # SVG output used to working well with Firefox
# only. It now seems to work with recent Chrome
# versions as well, but it is still a problem with
# Safari, and IE.
output_both = True # Create both PNG and SVG. If svg_output is False,
# the SVG will be given as a link under the PNG.
# Otherwise the PNG is used as alternate contents
# for the SVG object.
if not script:
# If this is not run as a cgi script, let's start an HTTP server.
......@@ -217,29 +221,40 @@ better to install Spot on your own computer.</p>\n""")
def reset_alarm():
def render_dot(basename):
unbufprint('<div class="dot">')
if svg_output:
ext = 'svg'
ext = 'png'
def run_dot(basename, ext):
outname = basename + '.' + ext
# Do not call "dot" to generate a file that already exists.
if not os.access(outname, os.F_OK):
os.spawnlp(os.P_WAIT, dot, dot, dot_bgcolor, '-T' + ext,
'-Gsize=8.2,8.2', '-o', outname, basename + '.txt')
# Create an unused hardlink that point to the output picture
# Create a unused hardlink that points to the output picture
# just to remember how many cache entries are sharing it., tmpdir + "/" + ext)
def render_dot(basename):
unbufprint('<div class="dot">')
b = cgi.escape(basename)
if svg_output or output_both:
run_dot(basename, 'svg')
if not svg_output or output_both:
run_dot(basename, 'png')
pngstr = '<img src="' + b + '.png">'
if svg_output:
unbufprint('<object type="image/svg+xml" data="' + b +
'.svg">Your browser does not support SVG.</object>')
unbufprint('<object type="image/svg+xml" data="' + b + '.svg">')
if output_both:
unbufprint('Your browser does not support SVG.')
unbufprint('</object>' + '<br>(<a href="' + b
+ '.txt">dot</a>)')
unbufprint('<img src="' + b + '.png"><br>(<a href="' + b
+ '.txt">dot source</a>)')
+ '.txt">dot</a>)')
if output_both:
unbufprint(' (<a href="' + b + '.svg">svg</a>)')
def render_dot_maybe(dotsrc, dont_run_dot):
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