Commit 62fb48ea authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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cgi: add a HOA output

* wrap/python/ajax/ In addition to dot & svg, provide a HOA
parent 33afd9f0
......@@ -233,7 +233,7 @@ def run_dot(basename, ext):
# just to remember how many cache entries are sharing it., tmpdir + "/" + ext)
def render_dot(basename):
def render_dot(basename, hoaname = None):
unbufprint('<div class="dot">')
b = cgi.escape(basename)
......@@ -256,9 +256,29 @@ def render_dot(basename):
+ '.txt">dot</a>)')
if output_both:
unbufprint(' (<a href="' + b + '.svg">svg</a>)')
if hoaname:
unbufprint(' (<a href="' + hoaname + '">hoa</a>)')
def render_dot_maybe(dotsrc, dont_run_dot):
def save_hoa(automaton):
hoasrc = spot.ostringstream()
spot.print_hoa(hoasrc, automaton, 't' if buchi_type == 't' else '')
hoasrc = hoasrc.str()
hoasrc += '\n'
if sys.getdefaultencoding() != 'ascii':
hoasrc = hoasrc.encode('utf-8')
autprefix = (imgdir + '/' + hashlib.sha1(hoasrc).hexdigest())
hoaname = autprefix + '.hoa'
if not os.access(hoaname, os.F_OK):
hoaout = open(hoaname, "wb", 0)
# Create a unused hardlink that points to the output HOA
# just to remember how many cache entries are sharing it., tmpdir + "/hoa")
return hoaname
def render_dot_maybe(dotsrc, dont_run_dot, hoaname = None):
# The dot output is named after the SHA1 of the dot source.
# This way we can cache two different requests that generate
# the same automaton (e.g., when changing a simplification
......@@ -286,17 +306,20 @@ def render_dot_maybe(dotsrc, dont_run_dot):
However you may download the <a href="''' + cgi.escape(autprefix)
+ '.txt">source in dot format</a> and render it yourself.</p>\n')
render_dot(autprefix, hoaname)
def render_automaton(automaton, dont_run_dot):
hoaname = None
dotsrc = spot.ostringstream()
if isinstance(automaton, spot.ta): # TA/GTA
spot.print_dot(dotsrc, automaton)
elif hasattr(automaton, 'get_ta'): # TGTA
spot.print_dot(dotsrc, automaton.get_ta())
else: # TGBA
if not dont_run_dot:
hoaname = save_hoa(automaton)
spot.print_dot(dotsrc, automaton, '.t' if buchi_type == 't' else '.')
render_dot_maybe(dotsrc.str(), dont_run_dot)
render_dot_maybe(dotsrc.str(), dont_run_dot, hoaname)
def render_formula(f):
dotsrc = spot.ostringstream()
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