Commit 67b7b86d authored by Pierre PARUTTO's avatar Pierre PARUTTO Committed by Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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tgbaproduct: fix segfault

* src/tgba/ (transition_annotation): Adapt down cast to
new hierarchy.
parent e4ecc2d4
......@@ -465,8 +465,8 @@ namespace spot
tgba_product::transition_annotation(const tgba_succ_iterator* t) const
const tgba_succ_iterator_product* i =
down_cast<const tgba_succ_iterator_product*>(t);
const tgba_succ_iterator_product_common* i =
down_cast<const tgba_succ_iterator_product_common*>(t);
std::string left = left_->transition_annotation(i->left_);
std::string right = right_->transition_annotation(i->right_);
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