Commit 7bc52761 authored by Etienne Renault's avatar Etienne Renault
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mc: do not mix static and SPOT_API

* spot/mc/mc_instanciator.hh: Here.
parent e653cefd
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ namespace spot
template<typename algo_name, typename kripke_ptr, typename State,
typename Iterator, typename Hash, typename Equal>
static SPOT_API ec_stats instanciate(kripke_ptr sys,
static ec_stats instanciate(kripke_ptr sys,
spot::twacube_ptr prop = nullptr,
bool trace = false)
......@@ -246,5 +246,6 @@ namespace spot
return instanciate<spot::lpar13<State, Iterator, Hash, Equal>,
kripke_ptr, State, Iterator, Hash, Equal> (sys, prop, trace);
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