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* src/bin/man/ltlcross.x: Document %N, %T, %H.

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......@@ -200,6 +200,44 @@ of course used the result of each translator. When the
\fB\-\-products\fR=\fIN\fR option is used, these values are averaged
over the \fIN\fR products performed.
Until version 1.2.6, the output of translators was specifed using the
following escape sequences.
An output file containing a never claim.
An output file in \fBlbtt\fR's format.
An output file in \fBltl2dstar\fR's format.
Some development versions leading to 1.99.1 also featured
An output file in the HOA format.
Different specifiers were needed because Spot implemented
different parsers for these formats. Nowadays, the parsers
for never claims, lbtt's format, and HOA format have been merged into
a single parser that is able to distinguish these three formats
.B ltlcross
officially supports only two output specifiers
An output file in either \fBlbtt\fR's format, as a never claim,
or in the HOA format
An output file in \fBltl2dstar\fR's format.
For backward compatibility, the sequences %N, %T, and %H are still
supported (as aliases for %O), but are deprecated.
.BR randltl (1),
.BR genltl (1),
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