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* src/bin/ Fix typos in examples.

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......@@ -55,12 +55,12 @@ and c, with the default tree-size, and all available operators.\n\
If you do not mind about the name of the atomic propositions, just give\n\
a number instead:\n\
% ./randltl -n10 3\n\
% randltl -n10 3\n\
You can disable or favor certain operators by changing their priority.\n\
The following disables xor, implies, and equiv, and multiply the probability\n\
of X to occur by 10.\n\
% ./randltl --ltl-priorities='xor=0, implies=0, equiv=0, X=10' -n10 a b c\n\
% randltl --ltl-priorities='xor=0, implies=0, equiv=0, X=10' -n10 a b c\n\
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