Commit 96806681 authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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simplify: save some work using a temporary variable.

This is actually an attempt to workaround what might be a compiler bug.
(valgrind complains about some uninitialized memory being read on this

* src/ltlvisit/ Here.
parent 3ad002be
......@@ -1659,9 +1659,12 @@ namespace spot
// if a => c, then a U (b R (c W d)) = (b R (c W d))
// if a => c, then a U (b M (c U d)) = (b M (c U d))
// if a => c, then a U (b M (c W d)) = (b M (c W d))
if (, op::M) && b.nth(1).is(op::U, op::W)
&& c_->implication(a, b.nth(1).nth(0)))
return b;
if (, op::M))
auto c1 = b.nth(1);
if (, op::W) && c_->implication(a, c1.nth(0)))
return b;
// if a => b, then (a U c) U b = c U b
// if a => b, then (a W c) U b = c U b
if (, op::W) && c_->implication(a.nth(0), b))
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