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#+TITLE: Spot
Spot is a C++11 library for ω-automata manipulation and model
checking. It has the following notable features:
- Support for LTL (several syntaxes supported) and the linear fragment of PSL.
- Support for ω-automata with arbitrary acceptance condition.
- Support for transition-based acceptance (state-based acceptance
is supported by a reduction to transition-based acceptance).
- The automaton parser can read a stream of automata written in any of
three syntaxes ([[][never claims]], [[][HOA]], or [[][LBTT]]).
- Several algorithms for formula manipulation including: simplifying
formulas, testing implication or equivalence, testing
stutter-invariance, removing some operators by rewriting, ...
- Several algorithms for automata manipulation including: product,
emptiness checks, simulation-based reductions,
minimization of weak-DBA, removal of useless SCCs,
acceptance-condition transformations, etc.
- In addition to the C++ interface, most of its algorithms
are usable via [[][command-line tools]], and via Python bindings.
- One of the command-line tool, called [[][=ltlcross=]] is a rewrite
of [[][LBTT]], but with support for PSL and arbitrary acceptance conditions.
It could for instance be used to test tools that translate
LTL into Rabin automata.
* Documentation
- [[][Command-line tools]]
- [[][Code examples]]
* License
Spot is distributed under a [[][GNU GPL v3 license]].
A consequence is that if you distribute a tool built using Spot, you
*must* make the source code of that tool available as well.
* Staying in touch is an extremely low-traffic and
read-only mailing list for release announcements. If you want to stay
informed about future releases of Spot, we invite you to [[][subscribe]].
[[][]] is a list for general discussions and questions
about Spot. [[][Subscribe here]] if you want to join, but feel free to send
in any question (in English) or bug report without subscribing.
#+OPTIONS: H:2 num:nil toc:t
#+HTML_LINK_HOME: index.html
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#+TITLE: Command-line tools installed by Spot 1.99
#+HTML_LINK_UP: index.html
This document introduces command-line tools that are installed with
the Spot library. We give some examples to highlight possible
#+TITLE: Code Examples
#+HTML_LINK_UP: index.html
This section contains code examples for using Spot. This is a work in
progress. Feel free to [[][send]] suggestion of small tasks you would like
to see illustrated here.
* Examples with Shell, Python, and C++
All the following pages show how to perform the same task using the
three interfaces supported by Spot: shell commands, Python, or C++.
- [[][Parsing and Printing LTL Formulas]]
- [[][Relabeling Formulas]]
- [[][Translating an LTL formula into a never claim]]
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