Commit be50e40a authored by Thibault Allançon's avatar Thibault Allançon

bench: bitstate: fix undefined behavior

The tid_ variable was left uninitialized, causing undefined behavior when
running benchmarks.

* bench/bitstate/bitstate.hh: fix here
parent a91bd9ab
......@@ -30,8 +30,9 @@ template<typename State, typename SuccIterator,
class bitstate_hashing_stats
bitstate_hashing_stats(kripkecube<State, SuccIterator>& sys, size_t mem_size):
bitstate_hashing_stats(kripkecube<State, SuccIterator>& sys, unsigned tid,
size_t mem_size):
sys_(sys), tid_(tid)
State, SuccIterator>::value,
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