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org: typos

Reported by Joachim Klein.

* doc/org/ Broken link.
* doc/org/ Two typos.
parent dafeda6f
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ command-line parameter that is not the argument of some option will be
assumed to be a formula to translate (this differs from [[][=ltlfilt=]],
where such parameters are assumed to be filenames).
=ltl2tgba= honors the [[][common options for selecting the output format]].
=ltl2tgba= honors the [[][common options for selecting the output format]].
The default output format, as shown above, is [[http://][GraphViz]]'s format. This
can converted into a picture, or into vectorial format using =dot= or
=dotty=. Typically, you could get a =pdf= of this TGBA using
......@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ No problem detected.
- Non-alternating automata in [[file:][the HOA format]] with an acceptance
condition that is is generalized-Büchi or inferior. These
should also be indicated using =%O=.
- [[][=ltl2dsar='s format]], which support deterministic Rabin or Streett
- [[][=ltl2dstar='s format]], which supports deterministic Rabin or Streett
automata. After =ltlcross= reads such input, it immediately
convert it into a Büchi automaton. Rabin automata are converted
to (degeneralized) Büchi automata and the conversion will preserve
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