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* NEWS: Update with recent changes.

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......@@ -9,6 +9,19 @@ New in spot 1.0a (not released):
- "P0.init" is parsed as an atomic even without the double quotes,
but it was always output with double quotes. This version will
not quote this atomic proposition anymore.
* Pruning:
- lbtt has been removed from the distribution. A copy of the last
version we distributed is still available at
and our test suite will use it if it is installed, but the same
tests are already performed by ltlcross.
- the bench/ltl2tgba/ benchmark, that used lbtt to compare various
LTL-to-Büchi translators, has been updated to use ltlcross. It
now output summary tables in LaTeX. Support for Modella (no
longer available online), and Wring (requires a too old Perl
version) have been dropped.
- the half-baked and underdocumented "Event TGBA" support in
src/evtgba*/ has been removed, as it was last worked on in 2004.
New in spot 1.0 (2012-10-27):
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