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tl: fix incorrect comment about {r} vs. cl(r)

Fixes #242.

* doc/tl/tl.tex: Remove incorrect claim that {r} does not match the
PSL semantics.
parent d6d987bd
......@@ -867,13 +867,6 @@ is not a model of \samp{$\sere{a\PLUS{}\CONCAT\NOT
a\STAR{}))}$} because this SERE does not accept any word.
Note that the semantics of $\sere{r}$ comes from the
$\mathsf{cl}(\cdot)$ operator defined by~\citet{dax.09.atva}. This
differs from the interpretation of a SERE $r$ in the context of a
temporal formula given by the PSL standard~\citep[Appendix~B.,
item~7]{psl.04.lrm}: the $\sere{r}$ semantics used here corresponds to
$r!\lor r$ in the PSL standard.
\subsection{Syntactic Sugar}\label{sec:pslsugar}
The syntax on the left is equivalent to the syntax on the right.
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