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* doc/org/ The RA2BA is not for state-based acceptance
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......@@ -475,10 +475,13 @@ SCC-based optimizations described in our [[
This generalized case is specialized for two types of acceptances that
are common (Rabin and Streett).
*** State-based Rabin to BA
*** Rabin to BA
For state-based Rabin automata, and dedicated conversion to BA is
When the input is a Rabin automaton, a dedicated conversion to BA is
used. This procedure actually works for input that is called
Rabin-like, i.e., any acceptance formula that can easily be converted
to Rabin by adding some extra Fin or Inf terms to the acceptance
conditions and ensuring that those terms are always true.
The conversion implemented is a variation of Krishnan et al.'s
"Deterministic ω-Automata vis-a-vis Deterministic Büchi Automata"
......@@ -493,7 +496,8 @@ SCC-wise: any DRA will be converted into a BA, and the determinism
will be conserved only for strongly connected components where
determinism can be conserved. (If some SCC is not DBA-realizable, it
will be cloned into several deterministic SCC, but the jumps between
these SCCs will be nondeterministic.)
these SCCs will be nondeterministic.) Our implementation also work on
automata with transition-based acceptance.
This specialized conversion is built in the =remove_fin()= procedure
described above.
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