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* HACKING: Document the use of emacs / org-mode.

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......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ since the generated files they produce are distributed.)
GNU Libtool >= 2.4
GNU Flex (the version seems to matters, we used 2.5.35)
GNU Bison >= 2.4.2
GNU Emacs (preferably >= 24 but it may work with older versions)
SWIG >= 1.3.31
Doxygen >= 1.4.0
Perl, with its Gettext module (it might be called something like
......@@ -54,6 +55,18 @@ documentation is out-of-date. The above command pretends the
documentation has just been built.
Avoiding org-mode runs
The files in doc/org/ are org-mode files (a mode of Emacs that we use
to author documents that embed executable snippets), they are used to
generate the doc/userdoc/ HTML documentation. If for some reason you
don't have emacs, or you simply want not to rebuild these files, use
another "magic touch":
touch doc/org-stamp
Debugging Libtool executables
Supports Markdown
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