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org: add missing documentation for prop_complete

* doc/org/ Here.
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......@@ -1067,6 +1067,7 @@ automaton, and that can be queried or set by algorithms:
| =weak= | transitions of an SCC all belong to the same acceptance sets |
| =very_weak= | weak automaton where all SCCs have size 1 |
| =terminal= | automaton is weak, accepting SCCs are complete, accepting edges may not go to rejecting SCCs |
| =complete= | for any letter ℓ, each state has is at least one outgoing transition compatible with ℓ |
| =deterministic= | there is at most one run *recognizing* a word, but not necessarily accepting it |
| =semi_deterministic= | any nondeterminism occurs before entering an accepting SCC |
| =unambiguous= | there is at most one run *accepting* a word (but it might be recognized several time) |
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