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improve doc for purge_unreachable_states and purge_dead_states

* spot/twa/twagraph.hh: Here.
parent ee85cf77
......@@ -439,13 +439,30 @@ namespace spot
/// extremities and acceptance.
void merge_edges();
/// Remove all states without successors.
/// \brief Remove all dead states
/// Dead states are all the states that cannot be part of
/// an infinite run of the automaton. This includes
/// states without successors, unreachable states, and states
/// that only have dead successors.
/// \see purge_unreachable_states
void purge_dead_states();
/// Remove all unreachable states.
/// \brief Remove all unreachable states.
/// A state is unreachable if it cannot be reached from the initial state.
/// Use this function if you have declared more states than you
/// actually need in the automaton.
/// purge_dead_states() will remove more states than
/// purge_unreachable_states().
/// \see purge_dead_states
void purge_unreachable_states();
/// \brief Remove unused atomic proposition
/// \brief Remove unused atomic propositions
/// Remove, from the list of atomic propositions registered by the
/// automaton, those that are not actually used by its labels.
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