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* NEWS: Summarize recent changes.

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......@@ -5,6 +5,33 @@ New in spot 1.99.7a (not yet released)
* ltl2tgba and ltldo now support %< and %> in the string passed
to --stats when reading formulas from a CSV file.
* ltl2tgba now also support the --generic option (already supported
by ltldo and autfilt) to lift any restriction on the acceptance
condition produced. This option now has a short version: -G.
* ltl2tgba and autfilt have learnt how to determinize automata.
For this to work, --generic acceptance should be enabled (this
is the default for autfilt, but not for ltl2tgba).
"ltl2tgba -G -D" will now always outpout a deterministic automaton.
It can be an automaton with transition-based parity acceptance in
case Spot could not find a deterministic automaton with (maybe
generalized) Büchi acceptance.
"ltl2tgba -D" is unchanged (the --tgba acceptance is the default),
and will output a deterministic automaton with (generalized) Büchi
acceptance only if one could be found. Otherwise a
non-deterministic automaton is output, but this does NOT mean that
no deterministic Büchi automaton exist for this formula. It only
means Spot could not find it.
"autfilt -D" will determinize any automaton, because --generic
acceptance is the default for autfilt.
"autfilt -D --tgba" will behave like "ltl2tgba -D", i.e., it may
fail to find a deterministic automaton (even if one exists) and
return a nondeterministic automaton.
* Building products with different dictionaries now raise an
......@@ -37,6 +64,10 @@ New in spot 1.99.7a (not yet released)
"highlight-edges" and "highlight-states". These are used to color
a subset of edges or transitions.
* There is a new tgba_determinize() function. Despite its name, it
in facts works on transition-based Büchi automaton, and will first
degeneralize any automaton with generalized Büchi acceptance.
* The ltsmin interface has been binded in Python. See
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