Commit e20bae66 authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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swig: search for swig4.0

* Use swig4.0 when available.
* HACKING: Update.
parent 4cfa2538
......@@ -32,7 +32,9 @@ since the generated files they produce are distributed.)
a separate and more recent org-mode package, or you can
simply upgrade from ELPA).
Groff (a.k.a. GNU troff) >= 1.20
SWIG >= 3.0 (for its better C++11/C++14 support)
SWIG >= 3.0.2 (for its better C++11/C++14 support)
Note that if you use Macports you should consider to install the
swig-python package in addition to the swig package.
Doxygen >= 1.4.0
R used by some examples in the documentation
Perl, with its Gettext module (it might be called something like
......@@ -195,9 +195,10 @@ AC_CHECK_PROG([EMACS], [emacs], [emacs])
AC_CHECK_PROGS([IPYTHON], [ipython3 ipython], [ipython])
AC_CHECK_PROG([LBTT_TRANSLATE], [lbtt-translate], [lbtt-translate])
# Debian has a binary for SWIG 3.0 named swig3.0 and they kept swig as
# an alias for swig-2.0. Let's use the former when available.
AC_CHECK_PROGS([SWIG], [swig3.0 swig], [swig])
# Debian used to reserve the name 'swig' for swig-2.0. So prefer
# swig4.0 (available in Debian bullseye) to swig3.0 (available in Debian buster)
# ti swig.
AC_CHECK_PROGS([SWIG], [swig4.0 swig3.0 swig], [swig])
AC_SUBST([CROSS_COMPILING], [$cross_compiling])
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