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* doc/org/ Here.
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......@@ -41,10 +41,14 @@ Here is the list of supported operators:
// unary operators
formula::X(arg, min, max); // X[min..max] arg
formula::F(arg, min, max); // F[min..max] arg
formula::G(arg, min, max); // G[min..max] arg
formula::first_match(arg); // SVA's first match opetaror
// binary operators
formula::Xor(left, right);
formula::Implies(left, right);
......@@ -66,6 +70,10 @@ Here is the list of supported operators:
// star-like operators
formula::Star(arg, min, max); // Star (for a Kleene star, set min=0 and omit max)
formula::FStar(arg, min, max); // Fusion Star
// syntactic sugar built on top of previous operators
formula::sugar_goto(arg, min, max); // arg[->min..max]
formula::sugar_equal(arg, min, max); // arg[=min..max]
formula::sugar_delay(left, right, min, max); // left ##[min..max] right
These functions implement some very limited type of automatic
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