Commit f6f8b8fb authored by Etienne Renault's avatar Etienne Renault
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mc: concept-like check for mc_algorithms

* spot/mc/mc_instanciator.hh: Here.
parent caca116a
......@@ -36,6 +36,47 @@
namespace spot
/// \brief This class allows to ensure (at compile time) if
/// a given parameter can be compsidered as a modelchecking algorithm
/// (i.e., usable by instanciate)
template <typename T>
class SPOT_API is_a_mc_algorithm
using yes = std::true_type;
using no = std::false_type;
// Hardly waiting C++ concepts...
template<typename U> static auto test_mc_algo(U u)
-> decltype(
// Check the kripke
std::is_same<void, decltype(u->setup())>::value &&
std::is_same<void, decltype(u->run())>::value &&
std::is_same<void, decltype(u->finalize())>::value &&
std::is_same<bool, decltype(u->finisher())>::value &&
std::is_same<unsigned, decltype(u->states())>::value &&
std::is_same<unsigned, decltype(u->transitions())>::value &&
std::is_same<unsigned, decltype(u->walltime())>::value &&
std::is_same<std::string, decltype(u->name())>::value &&
std::is_same<int, decltype(u->sccs())>::value &&
std::is_same<mc_rvalue, decltype(u->result())>::value &&
std::is_same<std::string, decltype(u->trace())>::value
// finally return the type "yes"
, yes());
// For all other cases return the type "no"
template<typename> static no test_mc_algo(...);
/// \brief Checking this value will ensure, at compile time, that the
/// Kripke specialisation respects the required interface.
static constexpr bool value =
std::is_same< decltype(test_mc_algo<T>(nullptr)), yes>::value;
template<typename algo_name, typename kripke_ptr, typename State,
typename Iterator, typename Hash, typename Equal>
static SPOT_API ec_stats instanciate(kripke_ptr sys,
......@@ -60,6 +101,10 @@ namespace spot
ss[i] = algo_name::make_shared_structure(map, i);
swarmed[i] = new algo_name(*sys, prop, map, ss[i], i, stop);
"error: does not match the kripkecube requirements");
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