Commit fc1d8e50 authored by Etienne Renault's avatar Etienne Renault

twacube_to_twa: allows use of existing BDD_dict

* spot/twacube_algos/,
spot/twacube_algos/convert.hh: Here.
* tests/core/ Test it.
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......@@ -134,14 +134,15 @@ namespace spot
twacube_to_twa(spot::twacube_ptr twacube)
twacube_to_twa(spot::twacube_ptr twacube, spot::bdd_dict_ptr d)
// Grab necessary variables
auto& theg = twacube->get_graph();
spot::cubeset cs = twacube->get_cubeset();
// Build the resulting graph
auto d = spot::make_bdd_dict();
if (d == nullptr)
d = spot::make_bdd_dict();
auto res = make_twa_graph(d);
// Fix the acceptance of the resulting automaton
......@@ -50,9 +50,12 @@ namespace spot
SPOT_API twacube_ptr
twa_to_twacube(spot::const_twa_graph_ptr aut);
/// \brief Convert a twacube into a twa
/// \brief Convert a twacube into a twa.
/// When \d is specified, the BDD_dict in parameter is used rather than
/// creating a new one.
SPOT_API spot::twa_graph_ptr
twacube_to_twa(spot::twacube_ptr twacube);
twacube_to_twa(spot::twacube_ptr twacube,
spot::bdd_dict_ptr d = nullptr);
/// \brief Check wether a twacube and a twa are equivalent
SPOT_API bool are_equivalent(const spot::twacube_ptr twacube,
......@@ -44,8 +44,10 @@ static void checkit(std::string f_str)
auto propcube = spot::twa_to_twacube(prop);
assert(spot::are_equivalent(propcube, prop));
auto propcubeback = spot::twacube_to_twa(propcube);
auto propcubeback = spot::twacube_to_twa(propcube, dict);
assert(spot::are_equivalent(propcube, propcubeback));
assert(spot::are_equivalent(prop, propcubeback));
int main()
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