1. 17 Dec, 2014 2 commits
  2. 16 Dec, 2014 3 commits
  3. 15 Dec, 2014 2 commits
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      autfilt: --count · 0d710f96
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * src/bin/autfilt.cc: Add a --count option.
      * src/tgbatest/randaut.test: Test autfilt's --count and --states.
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      autfilt: --states=RANGE · cad4d94c
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * src/bin/autfilt.cc: Add a --states=RANGE option.
      * src/bin/common_range.cc, src/bin/common_range.hh: Generalize
      range_parse to allow an optional upper bound.
  4. 11 Dec, 2014 7 commits
  5. 10 Dec, 2014 10 commits
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      hoaparse: also accept LBTT input · 6eb2b06f
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      This is probably the worse grammar I wrote: the LBTT format is designed
      to be scanned with scanf, and very inconvenient to parse with
      bison/flex.  Here the scanner basically has to emulate a parser to
      classify the different INTs as tokens with different types.
      * src/hoaparse/hoaparse.yy, src/hoaparse/hoascan.ll: Add rules for LBTT.
      * src/hoaparse/parsedecl.hh: Add a way to reset the parser between each
      * src/tgbatest/hoaparse.test, src/tgbatest/lbttparse.test: Add more
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      tgbaparse, lbttparse: do not pass an environment for acceptance sets · e4158c21
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * src/priv/accmap.hh, src/tgbaalgos/lbtt.cc, src/tgbaalgos/lbtt.hh,
      src/tgbaparse/public.hh, src/tgbaparse/tgbaparse.yy,
      src/tgbatest/ltl2tgba.cc, src/tgbatest/tgbaread.cc: Do not pass any
      environment parameter to parse acceptance sets.  This is not used
      anymore since we moved to int-labeled acceptance sets.
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      are-isomorphic: small simplifications · be57ec29
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * src/tgbaalgos/are_isomorphic.cc (is_isomorphism): Do not copy
      trans_storage_t elements as they contain more than what we use.
      Remap the states of a1 before the sort, not during the sort.
      (are_trivially_different): Also catch the case where the
      number of acceptance sets are different.
      * src/tgbaalgos/are_isomorphic.hh: Improve doxygen.
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      autfilt: some cleanup around --are-isomorphic · ff4dca48
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * src/bin/autfilt.cc: Do not use -I for --are-isomorphic.
      Fix --help.
      * src/tgbatest/isomorph.test: Adjust to use --are-isomorphic, and speed
      it up 5-fold.
    • Thibaud Michaud's avatar
      are_isomorphic: do not try to map initial state to a non-initial state · d033633b
      Thibaud Michaud authored
      * src/tgbaalgos/are_isomorphic.cc: Here.
    • Thibaud Michaud's avatar
      autfilt: rename --isomorph to --are-isomorphic · 099d3d72
      Thibaud Michaud authored
      * src/bin/autfilt.cc: Here.
    • Thibaud Michaud's avatar
      autfilt: return with exit code 1 if there is no match · b54fe4c0
      Thibaud Michaud authored
      * src/bin/autfilt.cc: Return with exit code 1 if no match found.
      * src/tgbaalgos/are_isomorphic.cc,src/tgbatest/degenlskip.test
      src/tgbatest/neverclaimread.test, src/tgbatest/readsave.test
      src/tgbatest/tripprod.test: Use exit status to check for output
      emptiness instead of 'test -n'.
      * src/tgbatest/isomorph.test: Simplify test.
    • Thibaud Michaud's avatar
      Use autfilt --isomorph instead of a diff in some tests · 68adcc70
      Thibaud Michaud authored
      * src/tgbatest/degenlskip.test, src/tgbatest/explpro2.test
      src/tgbatest/explpro3.test, src/tgbatest/explpro4.test
      src/tgbatest/explprod.test, src/tgbatest/neverclaimread.test
      src/tgbatest/tripprod.test, src/tgbatest/readsave.test: Here.
    • Thibaud Michaud's avatar
      are_isomorphic: return the mapping found, not just true or false · 1b9354c9
      Thibaud Michaud authored
      * src/bin/autfilt.cc: Here.
      * src/tgbaalgos/are_isomorphic.cc, src/tgbaalgos/are_isomorphic.hh:
    • Thibaud Michaud's avatar
      Adding function to test if two büchi automata are isomorphic. · 97fdea9d
      Thibaud Michaud authored
      And add the corresponding --isomorphic=FILENAME option to autfilt.
      * src/tgbaalgos/are_isomorphic.cc, src/tgbaalgos/are_isomorphic.hh:
      * src/tgbaalgos/Makefile.am: Add it.
      * src/bin/autfilt.cc: Add --isomorphic option.
      * src/tgbatest/isomorph.test: Test it.
      * src/tgbatest/Makefile.am: Add it.
  6. 09 Dec, 2014 2 commits
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      tgba: simplify usage of named properties · 61edf7f4
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * src/tgba/tgba.hh, src/tgba/tgba.cc (set_named_prop): Add a template
      (get_named_prop): Hide the old version, and supply a template version
      that casts.
      * src/bin/ltlcross.cc, src/hoaparse/hoaparse.yy, src/tgbaalgos/hoa.cc,
      src/tgbaalgos/product.cc: Adjust usage.
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      hoa: store the automaton name as a property · 5a1e38d9
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * src/hoaparse/hoaparse.yy: Store the automaton name.
      * src/tgbaalgos/hoa.cc: Output it if it exists.
      * src/tgbatest/hoaparse.test: Adjust tests.
  7. 08 Dec, 2014 3 commits
  8. 07 Dec, 2014 3 commits
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      autfilt: add a --product option · 8014833a
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * src/bin/autfilt.cc: Implement the --product option.
      * src/tgbatest/explprod.cc, src/tgbatest/tripprod.cc: Delete.
      * src/tgbatest/Makefile.am: Adjust.
      * src/tgbatest/explpro2.test, src/tgbatest/explpro3.test,
      src/tgbatest/explpro4.test, src/tgbatest/explprod.test,
      src/tgbatest/tripprod.test: Rewrite using autfilt --product.
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      ltsmin: fix test cases and naming. · 3e266a2a
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * iface/ltsmin/kripke.test: Fix detection of divine's ltsmin option.
      * iface/ltsmin/finite.test: Likewise.  Also extra the Spins test
      * iface/ltsmin/finite2.test: ... this new file, so that we
      can test the divine and spins interfaces independently.
      * iface/ltsmin/Makefile.am: Distribute finite2.test and finite.pm.
      * iface/ltsmin/ltsmin.cc, iface/ltsmin/ltsmin.hh,
      iface/ltsmin/modelcheck.cc: Adjust function names.
    • Thibaud Michaud's avatar
      Adding support for promela models via SpinS. · dd4b821d
      Thibaud Michaud authored
      * configure.ac, iface/Makefile.am: Adjust.
      * iface/dve2/finite.test, iface/dve2/.gitignore, iface/dve2/Makefile.am,
      iface/dve2/README, iface/dve2/beem-peterson.4.dve,
      iface/dve2/dve2check.test, iface/dve2/defs.in, iface/dve2/finite.dve,
      iface/ltsmin/finite.test, iface/dve2/kripke.test, iface/dve2/dve2.cc,
      iface/dve2/dve2.hh, iface/dve2/dve2check.cc: Move to iface/ltsmin.
      * iface/ltsmin/.gitignore, iface/ltsmin/Makefile.am,
      iface/ltsmin/README, iface/ltsmin/beem-peterson.4.dve,
      iface/ltsmin/check.test, iface/ltsmin/defs.in, iface/ltsmin/finite.dve,
      iface/ltsmin/finite.test, iface/ltsmin/kripke.test,
      iface/ltsmin/ltsmin.cc, iface/ltsmin/ltsmin.hh,
      iface/ltsmin/modelcheck.cc: Factorize dve2 and spins interface in
      * iface/ltsmin/elevator2.1.pm, iface/ltsmin/finite.pm: Test promela
      * README: Document iface/ltsmin/ directory.
  9. 06 Dec, 2014 4 commits
  10. 05 Dec, 2014 4 commits