1. 11 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      genaut: fix ks_nca · b4963a7a
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * spot/gen/automata.cc (ks_nca): The output is complete.
      * tests/core/genaut.test: Add test.
      * NEWS: Mention the bug.
  2. 03 Sep, 2017 1 commit
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      gen: rename KS_COBUCHI to KS_NCA for consistency · e7df182a
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * spot/gen/automata.cc, spot/gen/automata.hh, bin/genaut.cc: Rename
      the enum, function, and command-line option.
      * tests/core/genaut.test, tests/python/gen.ipynb, tests/python/gen.py:
      Adjust test cases.
      * doc/org/genaut.org: Adjust doc.
  3. 28 Apr, 2017 5 commits
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      gen: another automaton family · 469d8067
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * spot/gen/automata.hh, spot/gen/automata.cc,
      bin/genaut.cc: Introduce L_DSA.
      * tests/core/genaut.test: Add quick test.
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      gen: set more properties in automata · ae78e1d2
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * spot/gen/automata.cc: Set more properties.
      * tests/python/gen.py: Check that they are set.
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      gen: introduce a new automaton family · ec51f976
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * spot/gen/automata.cc, spot/gen/automata.hh: Define AUT_L_NBA.
      * bin/genaut.cc (--l-nba): New option.
      * bin/man/genaut.x, doc/org/genaut.org, NEWS: Document it.
      * tests/python/gen.py, tests/core/genaut.test: Test it.
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      gen: pass the bdd_dict to aut_pattern() · 649793df
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * spot/gen/automata.hh (aut_pattern): Add the dict argument.
      * spot/gen/automata.cc, python/spot/gen.i: Adjust.
      * tests/python/gen.py: Make sure two automata built without
      specifying any dictionary share the same one.
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
      gen: hide ks_cobuchi(), introduce aut_pattern() · 11ca2803
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      * spot/gen/automata.hh, spot/gen/automata.cc: Hide ks_cobuchi() behind
      introduce aut_pattern(), as we have already done for the formulas.
      * bin/genaut.cc: Simplify using this interface.
      * python/spot/gen.i: Introduce aut_patterns().
      * tests/python/gen.ipynb, tests/python/gen.py: Adjust.
  4. 24 Apr, 2017 1 commit
  5. 22 Apr, 2017 1 commit
  6. 21 Apr, 2017 1 commit
    • Maximilien Colange's avatar
      Add a new library to generate formulas and automata. · d90e38eb
      Maximilien Colange authored
      This library, called libspotgen, gathers functions to generate classes
      of automata found in the literature.
      Related to #254.
      * NEWS, README: Mention the modification.
      * Makefile.am, debian/control, debian/libspotgen0.install: Build the new
        library in a separate package.
      * spot/gen/automata.hh, spot/gen/automata.cc: Add a family of co-Büchi
      * configure.ac, spot/Makefile.am, spot/gen/Makefile.am: Build the new