Commit 8c99cffa authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz

tests: try to work around some frequent time outs in our checks

* tests/python/ Augment time limits.
parent 1150b701
......@@ -206,19 +206,19 @@ def _wait_for_ready_backport(kc):
# Flush IOPub channel
while True:
msg = kc.get_iopub_msg(block=True, timeout=0.2)
msg = kc.get_iopub_msg(block=True, timeout=1)
except Empty:
def run_cell(kc, cell):
# wait for finish, maximum 20s
reply = kc.get_shell_msg(timeout=20)
# wait for finish, maximum 30s
reply = kc.get_shell_msg(timeout=30)
outs = []
while True:
msg = kc.get_iopub_msg(timeout=0.2)
msg = kc.get_iopub_msg(timeout=1)
except Empty:
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