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......@@ -3,21 +3,21 @@
The :code:`src/regalloc` Directory
Namespace :code:`regalloc`, register allocation, delivered for TC-9.
Namespace :code:`regalloc`, delivered for TC-9. Colors the Interference graph
and allocates registers.
**File: color.* (src/regalloc/)**
Coloring an interference graph.
**File: regallocator.* (src/regalloc/)**
**File: libregalloc.* (src/regalloc/)**
Repeating the coloration until it succeeds (no spills).
The interface of the :code:`regalloc` module. It exports a single procedure
:code:`allocate_registers`, which allocates the registers for each fragment
and removes useless moves. It returns a :code:`TempMap` associating each
temporary to a register.
**File: libregalloc.* (src/regalloc/)**
**File: color.* (src/regalloc/)**
Removing useless moves once the register allocation performed, and allocating
the register for fragments.
The :code:`Color` implementation. Colors an interference graph.
**File: (src/regalloc/)**
**File: regallocator.* (src/regalloc/)**
Exercising this.
The :code:`RegisterAllocator` implementation. Repeat the coloration until it
succeeds (no spills).
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