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tc_9: Add explanations about rewrite_program

* source/compiler_stages/tc_9/faq.rst,
* source/compiler_stages/tc_9/simple_add.tig: Here
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......@@ -2,3 +2,22 @@
Why does :code:`Codegen::rewrite_program` need the :code:`created_temps` argument ?
:code:`created_temps` is a set storing all the new temporaries generated
during the program's rewrite. This set is then used by
:code:`Color::select_spill` to avoid spilling these temporaries.
Spilling the generated temporaries could potentially lead to an infinite
loop because it does not reduce the number of conflicts.
For instance the following example produces an infinite loop if no check
is done:
.. literalinclude:: simple_add.tig
:language: tiger
.. code-block:: none
$ tc --callee-save=0 --caller-save=2 -eS simple_add.tig
var a0 := 0
var a1 := 1
var a2 := 2
var a3 := 3
+ a0 + a0
+ a1 + a1
+ a2 + a2
+ a3 + a3
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