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tc_8: update TC-8 for 2023

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......@@ -7,10 +7,10 @@ TC-8, Liveness Analysis
|class|-TC-8 submission is Saturday, June 5th |year| at 23:42.
This section has been updated for EPITA- |class| on 2016-01-27.
This section has been updated for EPITA-2023 on 2021-05-30.
At the end of this stage, the compiler computes the input of
|COMPILER|-9: the *interference graph* (or *conflict
TC-9: the *interference graph* (or *conflict
graph*). The options :code:`-N` and :code:`--interference-dump` allow
the user to see these graphs, one per function. To compute the
interference graph, the compiler first computes the *liveness* of
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ All dumped graphs use the DOT format. You can display them using
:code:`dotty` or convert them to other formats (such as PDF or PNG)
using :code:`dot`, both part of the GraphViz package.
Relevant lecture notes include :lectures:`09-liveness.pdf`.
Relevant lecture notes include :lectures:`49-liveness-analysis.pdf`.
.. **TC-8 Goals**: What this stage teaches
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