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tc_5: update for 2023

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......@@ -5,13 +5,16 @@ TC-5, Translating to the High Level Intermediate Representation
|class|-TC-5 is a part of the TC Back End option.
|class|-TC-5 submission is Sunday, TBD |year| at 11:42.
|class|-TC-5 submission is Saturday, May 15th |year| at 23:42.
This section has been updated for EPITA- |class| on 2016-01-27.
This section has been updated for EPITA-2023 on 2021-05-04.
At the end of this stage the compiler translates the AST into the high level intermediate representation, HIR for short.
Relevant lecture notes include :lectures:`07-intermediate.pdf`.
Relevant lecture notes include :lectures:`36-middle-end.pdf`,
:lectures:`37-designing-an-IR.pdf`, :lectures:`38-activation-blocks.pdf`,
:lectures:`39-static-links.pdf`, :lectures:`40-clever-translations.pdf`,
.. **TC-5 Goals**: What this stage teaches
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