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......@@ -26,3 +26,42 @@ task pipeline your input is going by, you can use :code:`libtask`'s tasks.
.. command-output:: tc --task-selection --asm-compute 1+1.tig
:cwd: .
**File: libtask.hh**
Exports task instantiation macros.
**File: task-register.{hh|hxx}**
The brain behind tasks. It is responsible for collecting tasks and organize
their execution using their dependencies (like `make`).
**File: simple-task.{cc|hh}**
Represents tasks that cannot hold an argument.
**File: function-task.{cc|hh}**
A simple task that invokes a callback function. This is the most frequently
used task, as it is the one that can actually **run** things.
**File: disjunctive-task.{cc|hh}**
A simple task that makes sure that **at least** one of its dependencies
is scheduled.
**File: argument-task.{cc|hh}**
Represents tasks that can hold an argument.
**File: {boolean|int|string}-task.{cc|hh}**
An argument task that sets a Boolean / Integer / String variable to true.
**File: multiple-string-task.{cc|hh}**
An argument task that invokes a callback function with string arguments.
**File: tasks.{cc|hh}**
Contains :code:`libtask` related tasks.
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