assignments: tc-5: add hir output in record sample

* source/compiler_stages/tc_5/builtin_calls_samples.rst: here.
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......@@ -54,14 +54,20 @@ The case of record is more subtle. Think carefully about the following example
**File 4.60**: print-record.tig
.. command-output:: tc -H print-record.tig
:cwd: .
**Example 4.88**: tc -H print-record.tig
.. command-output:: tc -H print-record.tig > print-record.hir
:cwd: .
**Example 4.88**: tc -H print-record.tig > print-record.hir
**Example 4.89**: tc -H print-record.tig > print-record.hir
.. command-output:: havm print-record.hir
:cwd: .
**Example 4.89**: havm print-record.hir
**Example 4.90**: havm print-record.hir
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