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The :code:`src/liveness` Directory
Namespace :code:`liveness`, delivered for TC-8.
Namespace :code:`liveness`, delivered for TC-8. Implements and builds various
graphs for the liveness analysis.
**File: flowgraph.* (src/liveness/)**
**File: libliveness.\* (src/liveness/)**
:code:`FlowGraph` implementation.
The interface of the :code:`liveness` module. It exports three procedures,
:code:`flowgraph_dump`, :code:`liveness_dump` and :code:`interference_dump`,
which respectively dumps the Flow graph, the Liveness graph and the
Interference graph.
**File: (src/liveness/)**
**File: flowgraph.* (src/liveness/)**
:code:`FlowGraph` test.
The :code:`FlowGraph` implementation. It represents and computes a Flow graph.
**File: liveness.* (src/liveness/)**
Computing the live-in and live-out information from the :code:`FlowGraph`.
The :code:`Liveness` implementation. It is a :code:`FlowGraph` with labeled
:code:`Temp` representing live-in and live-out for each vertex.
The live-in and live-out information is computed from the :code:`FlowGraph`
in :code:`Liveness`'s constructor.
**File: interference-graph.* (src/liveness/)**
Computing the :code:`InterferenceGraph` from the live-in/live-out information.
The :code:`InterferenceGraph` implementation. It computes the
*interference graph* from the live-in/live-out information.
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