Commit edcaf579 authored by Antoine Suel's avatar Antoine Suel
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Docker: docker changed in order to test assignments localy in browser.

* Dockerfile: here.
parent 2242c1ea
FROM python:3.7
WORKDIR /opt/assignment/_build/html/
ENV PATH $PATH:/opt/assignment
......@@ -8,4 +8,12 @@ COPY requirements.txt /opt/assignment/requirements.txt
COPY Makefile /opt/assignment/Makefile
COPY source/ /opt/assignment/source
RUN pip install -r /opt/assignment/requirements.txt && cd /opt/assignment && make html
RUN pip install -r /opt/assignment/requirements.txt && cd /opt/assignment && make html
ENTRYPOINT ["python", "-m", "http.server", "80"]
# docker build -t test .
# docker run -p 80:80 test
# browser -> localhost:80
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